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20 More Years to Come? The remainder of Palestinian rights at jeopardy

Today is September 13, 2013 – twenty years since Oslo 1. It has been 20 years more of crimes against humanity, of an apartheid wall, of illicit weapons, of illegal settlements. Today, there are 5042

prisoners in Israeli prisoners detained without trial or charge. Today, there is less of historic Palestine. Today, there is more of everything inhumane and arbitrary that was and wasn’t before Yasser Arafat shook the hand of Yitzhak Rabin outside the White House in Washington DC. Twenty years and the sons that Oslo peace accords gave birth to have not yet realized that it has been the biggest failure in the history of the Palestinian struggle.


In 1985 Nelson Mandela said his famous quote, and he said so rightly, that only free men can negotiate. The Palestinians, today, are furthest than ever from freedom. The freedom proclaimed by Saeb Erekat, Mahmoud Abbas and the like is embellished by falsity. The liberty they deem themselves to be in is illusionary. Even if they wish to believe otherwise, even if they travel the world and reach the heights of the skies, they are besieged within themselves. And their souls will remain imprisoned until the apartheid wall falls, until the refugees return and until Palestine is united and free.


The leadership of the Palestinian Authority is an illegitimate leadership negotiating the terms of an illegitimate occupation. Today we tell them, stop compromising the remaining rights of the Palestinians in return of empty promises and unfounded hope. Stop negotiating in our name.


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