Students for Palestine - University of Southampton

Southampton G4S Campaign Update

Silence is compliance





Students for Palestine (Southampton) are delighted to confirm that the security contract for the University of Southampton campuses was not awarded to G4S. This is following a wide campaign launched by students and local activists who are opposed to the company’s track record of human rights violations in the UK and worldwide. G4S is complicit in the crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians. G4S has been repeatedly involved in racist malpractice against refugees and migrants in the UK.


We commend this decision and are glad to say that we have been assured, on behalf of the University, that student concerns are recognized and highly valued. The University invited activists to further discuss matters relating to its ethical investment and procurement policy with the hope of adopting a more comprehensive policy that truly reflects the moral ideals held by its students and the community.


S.f.P. would like to thank the student societies and clubs who supported our campaign by communicating their reservations against G4S to the Vice Chancellor’s Office. It is inspiring to see that so many students and activists have come together and taken a firm stance against a company that has repeatedly acted in ways that are a flagrant breach of fundamental human rights.


Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions is one of the most powerful tools of passionate and peaceful resistance against oppression. It is a tool that could bring us a step closer towards achieving justice in the face of brutal companies and regimes that are guilty of racism, torture and crimes against humanity. For this reason, we fully support the ongoing boycott campaign at Birmingham and urge you to heed their call for support.


Our campaign does not end here. While we welcome the University’s decision, we are committed to ensuring that G4S remains off our campus and that the recommendations we made to the University on its ethical policy are acted upon. Finally, we call for the endorsement of a full BDS policy and a more forthright position towards G4S similar to the honorable decisions made by the University of Oslo  and the University of Bergen.


We would like to congratulate King’s College London Action Palestine for their commitment to justice in Palestine, which is the driving force behind to their recent successful boycott campaign.

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