Students for Palestine - University of Southampton

Our activity

What we do?

    1. Raise awareness through lecture-talks, seminars, public meetings and conferences.
    1. Raise awareness through cultural activities such as art exhibitions, bazaars and folklore concerts.
    1. Liaise with other bodies to create and enlarge the pressure network that calls for justice and the observance of international law and human rights.
    1. Work within the UK Student Movement for Palestine to implement the aims of the Palestinian grassroots call for worldwide Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

    Furthermore, in June 2013 ten activists formed the academic Students for Palestine delegation that travelled from Southampton to Gaza to deliver the ‘Knowledge Transfer Project’. This convoy was encouraged by an earlier visit made by two students from the University of Southampton who established a link with, and travelled from Southampton to, Gaza to give humanitarian aid and donations to those living in extremely grave conditions as a result of the war (you can read about the 2011 visit here). The Knowledge Transfer Project is intended to empower Palestinian students through  sharing and exchanging experiences, skills and expertise. You can read the convoy’s updates for the days spent in Gaza City here.


    Who we work with?

    We collaborate mainly with student societies, charities, academics and individuals, as well as cultural, social, political and educational organizations and bodies.

    Some of these bodies include Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG), War on Want, Palestinian BDS National Committee, Student Palestine Solidarity, and Palestine Film Festival.


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